Art Crossword Puzzle

March 27, 2024 (4mo ago)

Artfervour - Crossword Puzzle

This mini game was developed for Artfervour, a platform for art enthusiasts. The game is a crossword puzzle where the user has to guess the names of famous artists. The game is built using React and is fully responsive.

It is build using basic React with hooks, no other dependency

Focus on

  • Design: The game is designed to be visually appealing and user-friendly, also since this was made for a art company it had to be beautiful.
  • Responsive: The game is fully responsive and works on all devices.
  • Modularity: The game is modular and can be easily extended to add more levels and features. In fact the game was updated every week with new levels.
  • Performance: The game is optimized for performance and loads quickly even on slow connections.
  • Static Site: The game is a static site and can be hosted on any static hosting service like Netlify or Vercel.

More previews

crossword preview 3crossword preview 2crossword preview 4crossword preview 1